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These resources and links are gathered from various sources and organizations supporting startups and tech in Wisconsin.

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Last Updated: June 27th, 2024

Startup Funding in Wisconsin


Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Supports business development and expansion in Wisconsin with grants. Emphasizes diverse industries including tech, manufacturing, and agriculture.


Fund Milwaukee

Provides loans to support Milwaukee-based small businesses and startups. Focuses on local and community-driven ventures.

Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation

Offers loans and financial education to small business owners, particularly women and minorities. Supports a wide range of industries.

Venture Capital and Angel Investors

4490 Ventures

Venture capital firm investing in early-stage information technology startups in the Midwest.

AmFam Ventures

Invests in early-stage startups in insurtech, fintech, and data analytics. Supports companies aligning with American Family Insurance’s goals.

Bold Coast Capital

Invests in early-stage startups in Wisconsin, focusing on innovative and high-growth potential companies across various industries.

Brightstar Wisconsin

Invests in early-stage Wisconsin-based startups, providing capital and mentorship. Focuses on high-growth sectors.

Capital Midwest

Invests in revenue-stage companies in advanced manufacturing and healthcare sectors in the Midwest.

Character VC

Character VC focuses on early-stage investments in innovative technology startups, providing both capital and strategic guidance to help companies grow and succeed.

Comeback Capital

Venture fund investing in early-stage startups in the Midwest, supporting regional innovation across various industries.

CSA Partners

Provides funding and support to early-stage startups, particularly in Milwaukee. Focuses on tech and innovation sectors.

Doyenne Evergreen Fund

Doyenne Evergreen Fund invests in early-stage startups led by women and marginalized gender entrepreneurs.

Gateway Capital

Gateway Capital is a Milwaukee-based venture capital firm that aims to be the first venture capital dollar into primarily pre-revenue startups. They look for the overlooked – emerging entrepreneurial geographies that traditionally lack venture capital investment.


Gener8tor invests in early-stage startups across a wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare, and consumer products. They offer intensive accelerator programs, mentorship, and capital to help startups grow and succeed.

Golden Angels Investors

Network of angel investors providing capital and mentorship to early-stage Midwest companies. Invests across various sectors.

HealthX Ventures

Invests in early-stage digital health startups, focusing on improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

Idea Fund of La Crosse

Supports early-stage startups in Wisconsin, focusing on innovative companies across various industries.

Kegonsa Capital Partners

Kegonsa Capital Partners invests in early-stage startups with high growth potential, focusing on sectors such as technology, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing.

Lancaster Investments

Lancaster Investments focuses on early-stage investments in innovative startups across diverse sectors, including technology, healthcare, and consumer products.

Milwaukee Venture Partners

Milwaukee Venture Partners is a network of angel investors supporting early-stage startups in the Milwaukee area.

Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures

Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures invests in early-stage startups within the fintech, insurtech, digital health, and data analytics sectors.


Connects corporate partners with venture capital opportunities, focusing on innovative startups across various sectors.

Rock River Capital Partners

Rock River Capital Partners invests in early-stage technology companies, with a focus on innovative startups in software, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing.

SymphonyAlpha Ventures

SymphonyAlpha Ventures invests in early-stage technology startups, focusing on innovative solutions in software, healthcare, and fintech.


Invests in and supports startups in sports, media, supply chain, and digital health sectors. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

TruStage Ventures

TruStage Ventures, also known as CMFG Ventures, invests in early-stage startups within the insurtech, fintech, and healthtech sectors.

Tundra Angels

Angel investment group supporting early-stage startups in Northeast Wisconsin. Focuses on innovative and scalable businesses across diverse industries.

VC 414

An early stage venture capital firm based out of Milwaukee that invests in high growth potential startups across the US, founded by women and other undercapitalized founders.

Venture Investors

Midwest-based venture capital firm investing in early-stage life sciences and healthcare companies.

Wisconsin Investment Partners

Network of angel investors supporting high-growth startups in Wisconsin. Focuses on tech and healthcare industries.

Wisconsin Super Angel Fund

The Wisconsin Super Angel Fund invests in early-stage, high-growth potential startups across various industries, providing capital and mentorship to help companies scale and succeed.

Winnow Fund

Focuses on early-stage investments in university and research-driven startups in Wisconsin.

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